Rule # 11 – Why I Made


My name is [REDACTED], I live somewhere in the United States. I made this website. I intended to remain anonymous until I began receiving a lot of emails asking who I was and why I made this website.

I encourage feedback, questions or comments – both positive and negative.

You can email me at email address I read all email and reply to most of it.

If you want to send me your theories please wait until I have posted the rest of the rules as I do not want people to mistakenly think I am stealing their ideas without credit, when I still have so much that is yet to be posted on the site.

Please let me know if you spot any grammar or spelling errors, there are probably a ton as this site is still a rough draft.

There are many more pieces of evidence and sections to be posted, this is just the beginning, so come back soon.


Sometime around late 2013 I read online someone mention, in jest, that Marla Singer was not real in Fight Club. I thought, “Ha, that’s interesting, but I don’t see how that could work.” That same night I began watching the film again and tried viewing it from this perspective and was blown away. I began to immediately realize the same subtleties and nuances that Kubrick used in The Shining and realized that Fight Club was made with the same level of detail.


In just a few weeks I had taken over 8,000 words of notes, dozens of screenshots and had watched the film countless times as well as 2 or 3 times frame by frame by using software to extract all the stills from the movie file and went through them individually, like a very long slide show.

I would tell people online and in person what I had found but very few people were interested and even fewer people believed me. I made this site to organize my observations and to illustrate how I arrived at my conclusions so others can see how amazing this film is.

This site, in its current state, is a very rough draft. There are tons of spelling errors, grammatical errors, and sections I didn’t entirely flesh out yet due to limited time. Check back every couple of weeks or so for updates.

January 6th, 2015 Chuck Palahniuk posted a link to this site on his Twitter and Facebook page and it blew up, although it had been slowly going viral for a few weeks by then. Thanks, Chuck!

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